SEF’s Annual District Wide Literacy & Arts Event ~ Read. Imagine. Design. 

The San Gabriel Educational Foundation is thrilled to promote and celebrate literacy and the arts in education with a showcase developed to provide opportunity for student and community engagement dedicated towards literacy, visual arts and mental health and wellness initiatives.

Recognizing literacy and the arts improve outcomes, SEF developed and designed this specialized project to integrate literacy and the arts into a series of sustainable events and projects that display and celebrate students, and the healing power of community and connection. Additionally, the goal is to foster community engagement and collaboration in support of education and to provide support for this project where the students will have the ability to participate equally; gain confidence in their abilities through the creative process; develop a deeper appreciation for literacy, the arts and the community; feel encouraged to aim for higher levels of education and build on their creative experiences and enjoyment outside of the last virtual school bell. 

Please contact our office for more information about the event, how to get involved or to become a sponsor: (626) 451-5465 or email Adela Angiuli at today!