Thanks to the Kids Need to Read Foundation, SEFs Literacy Campaign Continues with a recent distribution of 3,081 books and resources to San Gabriel Public School Students!

SEF believes that as you build literacy for students in their homes other family members begin to show more interest. We also believe that students need to have access to books at home that spark their interest thus providing them with a variety of books is critical for success. One of the best things ever is that our partners at the Kids Need to Read Foundation believe this too!!

Recently we had the privilege to collaborate once again with our valued partner The Kids Need to Read Foundation to distribute take-home books and resources to over 1,300 kinder and middle school students. Together we understand that getting age-appropriate books into the hands of students is an invaluable experience and with this single goal in mind…we are proud to say we did it once again!! 

What did we distribute? Excitedly, all kinder students on all five sites received 1 book; 1 reading buddy; and 1 High Five magazine. All grades 6, 7, and 8 middle school students will each receive 2 books of their choosing and the middle school library has received 100 books to add to their shelves for a total retail value of $36,233.43 at the middle school and $9,032.80 throughout the elementary sites….YES THAT IS $45,266.23!! 

We have lots more to share with you but for now we hope you enjoy photos from our day of deliveries to the school sites and can feel the exuding joy from the students we so cheerfully serve!