SEF’s Annual Winter Kinder Book Distribution is always a great success!! 

Thanks to our very special partners at the Kids Need to Read Foundation, the Annual Winter Kinder Book Distribution Program provides a whirlwind day filled with lots of fun & friendship. While we hear that many students especially enjoy the wonderfully animated stories presented by KNTR Executive Director Jessica Payne, we are equally elated to share that all of the almost 300 kinder students receive a new hardcover book, Highlights activity magazine and a very special reading buddy to take home to cherish.

The SEF Winter Kinder Book Distribution program was brought to our community in 2021 by the Kids Need to Read Foundation in support of our literacy initiatives, specifically our efforts to get books into the hands of students. To date, approximately $18,000 worth of literature & resources has been distributed through the winter kinder program in just 2 years…that is 1,860 individual resources serving 620 kinder students!! 

Working with the KNTR Foundation, and our generous donors, it is the goal of SEF to sustain this fabulous program so as to provide future generations of young readers with the gift of literature.