SEF believes in the importance of literacy, in getting books and resources into the hands of students, classrooms and libraries, and in developing programs and events that support recreational reading.

Every study confirms that reading skills are the strongest predictor of success in school, and the presence of books in the home makes all the difference. In support of all of the students in the San Gabriel Unified School District, SEF is happy to share we have provided support of our literacy initiatives in a variety of ways such as:

Book Distributions developed to provide students with brand new, free, quality pieces of literature.
Reading Challenges designed in support of recreational reading which we believe inspires students to solve mysteries, travel, learn, explore and so much more!
Distinguished Author Series Presentations designed to inspire students to dream, learn and become more. Each of the presentations have been developed to complement school curriculum, inspire students in their school work and even change the lives of students by sparking their imaginations and giving them with the confidence they need to get started writing their own stories or books.
Writing Workshops designed to provide helpful tips for students eager to get started on their creative writing.
Grant Award Funding distributed to school site libraries and classrooms.

The foundation will continue to focus on ways to increase our support of student’s literacy development for all TK-12 students in the San Gabriel Unified School District.