SEF Celebrates the SGUSD Teachers – Thanks to our amazing partners at Schools First Credit Union!

Thanks to generous funding and support received from Schools First Credit Union, SEF continues to expand their support within our community to include the wonderful teachers of the SGUSD.

Each and every day the amazing teachers of the SGUSD continue to foster the joy of learning in their students. At every grade, and in every classroom, they are delivering their curriculum in innovative and inspiring ways and we could not be prouder of who they are and what they do for the youth in our community.

As the role of teachers continues to expand to include more duties and responsibilities than ever before in 2019 we moved to develop programming the teachers need to succeed and stay healthy. Recognizing them as they continued to face unprecedented challenges with strength, courage and expertise, SEF hosted Pound workout classes and invited all 264 teachers to participate. With feedback received like “A huge thank you to you and SEF for the fun and energetic pound class, and also for the cooking class a couple of weeks ago. SEF’s generosity to SGUSD teachers is so very much appreciated, especially during this pandemic year” and “I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the pound class today. AJ is awesome!! I would love to continue having classes with her. And I am so appreciative of your support of teachers”, we look forward to offering additional classes in the new year.

Building on the momentum, we continued to recognize our amazing educators through a series of gift distributions. Partnering with local businesses Green Street Restaurant, Johnny Was, Paris Baguette and Pez Cantina we have been able to let them know that they inspire us and that we recognize all that they do to plant a lifelong love of learning in the students they serve.

SGUSD Teachers and our amazing partners are awesome and appreciated!!